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Prolux Carpet Cleaning is a reputable cleaning company stationed in East Grinstead. We work in all areas of South London.

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Our floor covering washing firm in East Grinstead is well-known for using exceptionally safe products that is very important if you wish to focus on taking care not only for our family but also for the environment. You are aware how unhealthy chemicals can be as they are the major reason for hypersensitivity, eye irritation, respiratory problems and rashes. A great percentage of the world’s population think the negative effects on health of pollution is outside, and never doubt about their own houses. De facto, it is proven the air within our houses is several times more dangerous as to the air outdoors. And huge amount of the bacteria goes deeper into the carpet where it is accumulated for ages until you benefit from deep carpeted flooring cleaning services in East Grinstead. Each mother is aware that the carpet needs to be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner at least 2 or 3 times every week. In fact, even if you put efforts to maintain the carpet all days of the week you still are unable to clean all the sand from the rug. If you would like to clean the rug at your apartment by yourself, you will lose many hours and efforts and it is impossible to accomplish the same spectacular outcomes as proficient rug maintaining in East Grinstead. To tell you the truth, you may use improper cleaning solutions that may fade the colors or destroy the incredible carpet. Furthermore a great per cent of the cleaning products advertised in most stores contain toxic ingredients which may be incredible unsafe to babies, dogs and cats and women during pregnancy.

If you have an issue with your carpeted flooring and have no information how to solve the problem, call Prolux Carpet phone support and our professionals will provide you with the superb support you request. Prolux Carpet is a family business, established 10 years ago in East Grinstead which at the current moment offers its cleaning procedures in all areas of the city, also in your neighborhood – East Grinstead. In our cleaning services we apply exceptionally secure preparations that are created with particular attention to the planet. They do not contain any artificial or toxic substances which is an absolute advantage. Moreover, we use the extremely well-known and safe procedure for washing – heated water carpeted flooring washing. It accomplishes amazing results even when it is about spots from coffee and cola that are best known for their resistance and difficulty for removal.

Why you should choose steam carpet cleaning procedure for maintaining the perfect condition of your carpeted flooring?

Maintaining with power of high-temperature water has its pros, the main benefit is that hot water steam shoots under pressure / 5 bar / and this procedure is working in cleaning maintained allergens. A different advantage is the temperature of the heated water steam. The temperature of hot water in the steam machine goes over 160 degrees C, that is the reason for giving a so-called "dry steam", that has 5-10 per cent dampness and shown destroys parasites and bacteria, which with ordinary equipment and detergents cannot be removed. Reasonably the main advantage of this is proficient carpeted flooring cleaning is safe maintaining that is performed without any artificial products and is it is extremely right for people who suffer from vines, allergic reactions, and many other health issues. Deep carpeted flooring cleaning is the most used cleaning procedure for fighting mould and must from carpets which are one of the premier reasons of hypersensitivity and more complicated health risks. Besides that a very significant fact to use this way is because it will make your carpet really fresh and will cope with all the harmful microbes inside. The method plays a major role for reviving of fabrics, carpets, mattresses and so on. Actually, sometimes this technique cannot be applied for all kinds of fabrics. The premier step of the procedure our professional cleaners do is examination of the rug’s fabric and making the decision whether to apply heated water rug washing or dry rug washing. Our experts know what is the most suitable cleaning method for your specific carpeted flooring and won't betray your trust. If Prolux Carpet specialists recommend you to test the steam cleaning service, you must be informed that you have to leave the rug to completely dry out for 2 to 4 hours after the process of cleaning is finished.

Except for deep carpeted flooring washing Prolux Carpet presents more high quality processes in its checklist. You can also use our astonishing sofa maintaining and car upholstery maintaining processes. Both places – the sofa and the car – have common characteristics – almost the entire day we spend on these places and thus expect everyday attention and care. If you wish to enjoy a healthy and fruitful environment at your apartment and on your way to school, you must clean the sofa and the car upholstery every day. Old spots will destroy the marvelous condition of these places for that reason you need to be aware what preparations to use for their maintaining. Moreover, it is always preferred to rely on specialists like Prolux Carpet. We are trained to know what kinds of detergents are perfect for application on each single spot. Perhaps you don’t know that different cleaning solutions are applied for coping with problems from cola, lipstick, tea and ink, for instance. Moreover, we work always and that way we have the opportunity react at the very same moment when you have a problem.

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Removing ink from the carpet in the office is not my favorite job – it is tiring and I lose a lot of time cleaning in stead of doing something more important or fun. That is the reason why I ordered your services. The booking procedure was very easy. What made me positive first impression was that I was given the opportunity to pick the time of the cleaning process. It is of great importance for me to find a company which works according to its client’s schedule. Being available 24 hours day/ 7 days a week is also a benefit when you are choosing which will be your choice for cleaning company.

I would like to say that Mark and James are great professionals. They cleaned my office while I was on a lunch break and I didn’t have to change my working schedule because of the cleaning procedure. When I came back in the office the carpet looked just brilliant – sparkling white and stainless. Also, when I entered the room, I was so happily surprised to sense the fresh flower odor. It was like there was a blossoming tree inside my office. It was a really pleasant feeling. That definitely made my day. For sure I will use your professional services in future. I already recommended your work to all my colleagues who asked me how I had achieved such a fantastic look of my office carpet. We all have ink stains on our carpets so expect new clients from our office building soon!

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